SIF DEBT Line is available for consultation and adhesion by Financial Institutions

  SIF DEBT Line is expected to be available next march at the counters of the participating banks. At the moment, it is available for consultation and adhesion by Financial Institutions that are interested in being financial intermediaries in this Credit Line. SID DEBT Line, guaranteed and subsidized, aims to facilitate the access to bankContinue reading

SIF Equity: 7 million euros of total investment estimated

Applications already submitted to SIF EQUITY represent more than 7 million euros of total investment estimated in impact initiatives, which contribute to the development of a more inclusive and sustainable economy. SIF EQUITY promotes support for projects that are Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Initiatives (SISEI), in co-investment with private investors and operates in areasContinue reading

“The global economy is like an aging athlete who needs doping to maintain performance,” In Expresso

Michael O’Sullivan, former CIO at Credit Suisse, Professor at Princeton and Oxford, author of “The Levelling” and one of the most anticipated interventions of the event left a series of predictions that point to a positive prognosis where Portugal has everything to stand out. Read more

“Looking into the Future” – Interviews to Expresso

“Looking into the Future for a More Digital and Sustainable Economy” – statements to Expresso by some of the protagonists of the PME Investimentos 30th celebration event, which took place at CCB on December 11th See the interviews here

“Looking into the future” – Full report

Full report of 30 years of “PME Investimentos – Looking into the Future, for a more digital and sustainable economy”. See or review the best moments of the event that brought together experts, partners, investors, portfolio companies and many friends at CCB. Thank you all for your presence and a special word to the excellentContinue reading

“30 years that changed the country”, in Expresso, 13.12.2019

See or review here some of the best moments of the “Looking into the future” event that marked the celebration of the 30th anniversary of PME Investimentos.

“Portugal looks to the future after a 30-year roller coaster”

In Expresso, 11/12/2019 The country in which PME Investimentos is celebrating its 30th anniversary is not the same seen by the government agency when it was created. It was a period that can be described as a perpetually moving roller coaster.  It started with the fall of the Berlin Wall and now lives under theContinue reading

Celebrating 30 years with an eye on the future

Celebrating 30 years with an eye on the future and more than € 22 billion launched into the economy via venture capital and partnerships with banks and mutual guarantee. Congratulations PME Investimentos!

PME Investimentos | Looking into the future

On December 11th, we gathered at CCB national and international specialists, companies of our portfolio, investors, partners, former managers, employees and many friends for a great moment of networking and celebration of PME Investimentos 30th anniversary. We discussed the challenges and opportunities of a constantly changing new world and topics such as growing successful companiesContinue reading

SIF | First applications already under review

Launched in April, SIF EQUITY is receiving its first applications that are already under review. SIF EQUITY Line aims at supporting Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Initiatives (SISEI), in co-investment with private investors. Funded by the European Social Fund and National Funds, SIF is one of the instruments implemented by the Portugal Social Innovation InitiativeContinue reading

Portugal Social Economy 2019

Doing good: Banks cannot ignore a US$ 23t market

Portugal is at the forefront of social impact investment

PME Investimentos appointed Managing Entity of the Social Innovation Fund