The SIF DEBT application period ended on June 30, 2023.

  1. After obtaining SISEI Accreditation, the organisation contacts one of the Banks that joined SIF Debt to begin the application process for the SIF credit line. The Bank analyses the credit proposal, based on its current credit risk policy. If the proposal is rejected, the Bank notifies the organisation promoting the SISEI of its decision.
  2. If the Bank approves the loan, it will submit a proposal to the Mutual Guarantee Society to get a guarantee covering part of the financed amount. The Mutual Guarantee Society will decide on the terms and conditions for issuing the guarantee, also in accordance with its current credit risk policy.
  3. Should the Mutual Guarantee Society approve the guarantee, the Bank will submit the application to the SIF credit line Managing Entity, Banco Português de Fomento, to validate the elegibility criteria of the operation and register state aid.
  4. Once Banco Português de Fomento has confirmed the eligibility of the credit operation, the Bank and Mutual Guarantee Society will contract the loan and the guarantee and the funds will be made available to the organisation promoting the SISEI.