Nutrium, a project promoted by Healthium, is a platform that allows nutritionists to focus fully on their patients and maximize their results, smoothing out the traditional and heavy tasks of managing their business and their patients’ information. In addition, the platform allows nutritionists to communicate with their patients in real time, enabling a constant monitoring of their physical, caloric and health metrics, including the possibility of adjustment and distribution of their nutrition plans. Through this proximity, patients feel more accompanied and motivated to achieve their goals.

Sector: HealthTech (Nutrition)
Address: Rua Andrade Corvo, nº 242, Sala 106
4700 – 204 Braga – Portugal


Total Amount: 4.250.000€
SIF Coinvestment Amount: 2.250.000€
Co-investors: Indico Capital Partners and Primavera Business Software Solutions, SA
Stage: Seed
Region: North
Operational Programme: COMPETE2020
Investment date: august 2020

Sustainable Development Goals:

03. Good Health And Well-Being