Knok healthcare is the largest provider of medical video consultations in Portugal, with a B2B2C business model, providing healthcare with its own medical network, and licensing the technology as a Software as a Service.

Knok’s product is an integrated telemedicine management platform, combining an artificial intelligence symptom checker, appointment scheduling and notifications, integrated video consultation and telephone consultation, file sharing, electronic medical record and electronic prescription. In the future, the goal is to use biometric data readings to collect additional clinical information and use all that information to optimise the patient journey and the quality of the diagnosis, reducing healthcare costs and increasing patient satisfaction.

Sector: Digital Health
Adress: Rua Júlio Dinis, 728 – 7ºD
4050-012 Porto, Portugal


Total Amount: 1.557.000€
SIF Coinvestment Amount: 862.000€
Co-investors: Mustard Seed Maze, FascinanteFólio
Stage: Scale up
Region: North
Operational Programme: Compete2020
Investment Date: october 2020


Total Amount: 4.438.000€
SIF Coinvestment Amount: 1.638.000€
Co-investors: Armilar Venture Partners – SGFCR, S.A. E Mustard Seed Maze
Stage: Seed
Region: North
Operational Programme: Compete2020
Investment Date: september 2022

Sustainable Development Goals:

03. Good Health And Well-Being