Criamknowledge has developed a portable and automatic medical device that identifies the blood type and subtype of the patients in less than 3 minutes, operating in the Point-of-Care market (diagnostic tests performed on site and during medical care).

This process, being significantly faster, presents itself as a potential complementary solution to the traditional method of sending samples to the laboratory, which involves more waiting time until the results are generated. Criamknowledge’s perspective is to be able, in the medium term, to make use of the same portable medical device so that it can detect diseases. This medical device makes use of special cartridges that contain appropriate reagents for each test and Computer Vision/Machine Learning algorithms.

Sector: Healthcare
Adress: Praça Conde Alongro, Edifício GNRATION, n.º 123, 4700 Braga


Total Amount: 909.091€
SIF Coinvestment Amount: 636.364€
Co-investors: Artesian Venture Partners; SOSV
Stage: Startup
Region: North
Operational Programme: COMPETE2020
Investment Date: September 2021



Total Amount: 605.747,77€
SIF Coinvestment Amount: 424.023,44€
Region: North
Operational Programme: Compete2020

Sustainable Development Goals:

03. Good Health And Well-Being